Contingency Fee Basis

How You Can Afford a Palm Springs Personal Injury Attorney

In the wake of an accident that left you unexpectedly injured you will likely be expected to deal with many medical and legal matters. Unfortunately, for many accident victims in the Palm Springs area this can mean tremendous financial costs - sometimes much more than is affordable. Between the medical expenses associated with the cost of recovery and the legal fees that many attorneys charge for their services, it can be difficult to realistically seek treatment and legal representation. It is for this very reason that Barry Regar APLC works on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you will not be expected to pay for your legal services until the lawyer has successfully recovered compensation on your behalf.

Hiring an attorney and putting forth the money required to take legal action can be very expensive, especially in the Palm Springs area. Fortunately, when you choose to work with an attorney from the firm the cost of legal representation will not need to be one of your immediate concerns. As the recent victim of an injury accident, you should not have to worry about anything other than the restoration of your health and wellbeing. At Barry Regar APLC you can do exactly that. From your first free initial consultation with a lawyer from the firm all the way through to the conclusion of your case, you will not be asked to pay any money until your case has been successfully settled or won in your favor.

Affordable Legal Representation in the Coachella Valley

Whether your case is settled out of court (with your approval) or taken before a judge and jury, the firm will advance the money needed to cover litigation costs and anything else that may arise in conjunction with your case, such as investigation costs, deposition costs, medical reports etc. It is only after the attorneys have proven their ability to effectively obtain just and reasonable compensation appropriate for your case that the legal fees and litigation costs will be paid. At Barry Regar APLC, attorney's fees are calculated as a percentage of the settlement or verdict obtained in your case.

The costs of litigating your case advanced on your behalf will only be repaid by you if the firm is successful in its efforts to get you the money that is reasonable considering the particular facts of your case. When this occurs the attorney's fees set forth in the contingency fee agreement will be subtracted from the total settlement amount, meaning that you will virtually never have paid a dime for the firm's legal representation until the conclusion of your case. Barry Regar APLC offers a complimentary consultation with an attorney from the office, at which time you can further discuss the details of your case and the advantages of contingency fee representation. Calling the firm today could be your first step towards recovery, so don't wait to contact the office now.

When you are represented by an attorney at our firm, you won't pay a dime until we successfully recover a settlement or verdict for you. Contact Attorney Barry Regar from our office today!