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At Barry Regar APLC, our firm is dedicated to defending the victims of wrongfully sustained injury. No matter what type of accident occurred, if a negligent party is responsible for our client's unwarranted injury, we will make sure that they are held accountable.

Our firm has been successful in obtaining countless settlements and rightful compensation for our clients through a wide range of personal injury claims, and we always work to provide compassionate support throughout the entire legal process. With over 40 years of experience, you will never have to worry about hiring subpar legal representation when you enlist the assistance of our firm.

Types of Personal Injury Claims We Handle

Auto Accidents
Negligently caused auto accidents account for thousands of catastrophic injuries and fatalities each year, and the types of injuries that a victim may sustain have the potential to cause life-long disabilities and/or long-lasting emotional trauma.

Catastrophic Injuries
An accident that resulted in the sustainment of serious injuries that will forever affect your ability to live comfortably and to the degree you did prior to the accident are classified as catastrophic. Catastrophic injuries are those that dramatically affect your ability to feel happy and live comfortably.

Construction Accidents
Construction is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous fields of work that exists. The potential for injury is very serious, especially when heavy machinery, fatal heights, and exposure to the elements are involved. A lot of the time, however, debilitating accidents could have been prevented.

Defective Products
Defective products are a serious product liability and can cause devastating harm—especially if the product is a pharmaceutical drug, medical device, or dangerous toy. A personal injury claim can be made if any harm was suffered when using the product as directed.

Dog Bites
If you are bitten by a dog, the owner is automatically liable for the injuries you have sustained. Even if negligence was not a factor, they can still be held accountable under the law, as serious dog bites can result in permanent disfigurement and/or scarring.

Motorcycle Accidents
Since 1999, we have been seeing an increasing trend in the number of motorcycle accidents, injuries and deaths that are occurring each year. A number of the accidents are ones that could have prevented. If you are suffering unnecessarily or you lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident that was caused by negligent or reckless behavior, do not wait to take legal action today.

One of the most important aspects of your legal case will be determining whether or not negligence was involved in the accident that left you injured. If it can be proven that a person failed to meet his / her duties and unduly caused you harm you could be compensated for his or her negligent actions.

Pedestrian Accidents
When involved in a pedestrian accident, it is likely that the victim will sustain life-threatening injuries. Many of these accidents involve a pedestrian being struck be a motor vehicle—meaning that they would have little chance of protecting themselves against injury.

Premises Liability
Injuries that are sustained on the property of another can be taken to court and compensated accordingly. It is the responsibility of land owners to ensure that their property is safely maintained for all visitors. When safe conditions are not properly satisfied, accidents and injuries are likely to result. As such, legal suits are equally like to result.

Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents
The liability of a slip & fall accident usually falls on the on the owner or the manager of any private or public property that the accident occurred on—since it is their responsibility to maintain a safe facility and to keep remedy any hazardous conditions.

Uninsured Motorists
If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident that was caused by an uninsured motorist, it is still your right to seek compensation for the harm you have sustained. A qualified personal injury attorney can guide you through the process of obtaining a fair settlement.

Wrongful Death
If the negligence of another party caused the death of a loved one—whether through, an auto accident or a premises liability, for example—you may be able to hold them accountable for their actions, or inaction, through a personal injury claim.

Truck Accidents
Truck accidents can result from a negligent or fatigued driver as well as the irresponsible company that hired the trucker. These types of collisions may even be the fault of defective products made and shipped by the manufacturer. To determine who is responsible for the truck accident you were involved in, speak with a legal attorney about your case today.

Types of Injuries
Accidents can result in a number of different types of injuries, all of which deserve both medical and legal attention. Whether you are suffering from an injury to the neck, back or head you can contact an attorney for professional experience.

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Lead attorney Barry Regar, is a nationally recognized attorney with widely successful courtroom and jury trial experience. He has been effective in achieving more than $70 million dollars throughout his career in settlements and verdicts on behalf of his clients, and because of his outstanding record of proven results, he has earned an AV rating—which is the highest rating awarded by Martindale-Hubbell, a nationally-known lawyer's review and rating organization.

If you are looking for a tough, experienced personal injury lawyer who has a comprehensive knowledge of this legal field, you don't have to look any further. Get aggressive legal representation from a proven professional by enlisting the help of our firm today.