Types of Personal Injuries

How were you injured?

The type of accident you are involved in can produce a number of different types of injuries, some more severe than others. However, the fact that you were unjustly injured in an accident is enough reason to take legal action. Whether your injuries are life-altering or temporary, you should not have to suffer from injuries that were sustained in an accident that was caused by another person's careless or reckless behavior. Therefore, it is important to secure an attorney that you trust and feel confident will go to bat for you and be on your side through the difficult legal process. With the help of a legal professional at Barry Regar APLC you can work towards obtaining compensation for any of the following types of injuries:

Neck Injuries: The neck is a sensitive area of the body that has the ability to affect many other areas as well. Sustaining an injury to the neck could result in pain, muscle strain, ligament sprain and paralysis. Neck injuries are considered to be particularly troublesome due to the fact that they control so many other areas of the body. An injury to the neck could very well end up affecting your soft tissues, bones, nerves and joints, all of which work together to support your head and allow it to move with ease. Some of the most common neck injuries include: whiplash, whiplash associated disorders (WADs), stingers, burners, herniated discs or bulging discs, and facet injuries.

Back Injuries: An injury to the back will most likely result in more than just pain. In addition, you may suffer from movement limitation which could affect your overall lifestyle. Injuries to the back usually manifest as sprains, strains, herniated disks and fractured vertebrae (cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae, sacrum and coccyx). Any one of these could significantly alter your ability to move with ease and the most severe ones will require intensive physical therapy and possibly even surgery if all else fails. Even with surgery there is no guarantee that the pain will go away.

Head Injuries: Generally, head injuries are classified into two categories - external injuries and internal injuries. External injuries / scalp injuries often result in significant amounts of blood loss, as the scalp area is filled with blood vessels. In fact, swelling in the head after an injury to the external part of it is often a result of the veins that were leaking fluid and blood underneath the scalp. For some, the swelling could take days or weeks to diminish. Internal injuries can involve the head's blood vessels that are contained within the skull, the brain or the skull itself. There can be serious permanent life altering conditions resulting from traumatic brain injuries {TBI}.

Loss of Limbs: The severity of some injuries requires that limbs be amputated in order to alleviate pain or prevent gangrene or other life threatening conditions. The loss of one or more limbs through amputation could lead to an increased risk of health problems because the patient's life will inevitably be more sedentary than it was prior to amputation. Victims of limb loss accidents and amputations may also experience residual limb pain/ phantom limb pain (feeling pain of a leg / arm that is no longer there). Some skin problems such as prosthesis irritation or infection (aggravated skin caused by a prosthetic limb) are felt by amputees in certain situations.

Vigorous Defense in Your Time of Need

No matter what type of injury you are suffering from, you are legally entitled to take action if the injury was caused by the fault of another. For example, a neck or head injury that was incurred when a reckless driver slammed into the back of your car can be the basis of a personal injury claim and taken to court if the insurance company for the negligent driver keeps giving you a low ball offer to settle your claim. You are rightfully due compensation to help cover the costs of past and future medical expenses, loss of income and wages, property damage, and pain and suffering associated with your accident and injury. An attorney is the best person to help you do this successfully. That is why you may want to contact Attorney Barry Regar for a free consultation. No matter what type of injury you are suffering from, the time to act is now!