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A young adult was injured in a motorcycle accident. He had injuries that included extensive road, rock, and dirt burns and cuts. He was taken to a hospital and treated for bruising, strains and sprains. His wounds and burns were not treated according to the proper standard of care for such injuries. He developed a very serious bacterial infection requiring surgery for tissue and muscle removal. As a Coachella Valley Medical Malpractice Lawyer, I know that proving medical negligence requires proof of the negligence. In this case the patient was smart enough to take photos of his wounds and burns while he was still in the ER room which can be used as evidence to prove the condition of his skin while he was in the ER room that would have required the emergency room doctor and nursing staff to follow the reasonable standard of care for treating this patient instead of releasing the patient after only washing the wounds with a saline solution and using a gauze bandage.
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