New Child Car Seat Law

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Starting 1/1/12 the new Child Safety Seat Law for Californians will be enforced and hopefully help save the lives of our children. The new law says that as of Jan. 1 children will have to be a least 8 years of age or be 4 feet 9 inches tall to ride without a booster seat. As a Palm Springs auto accident lawyer I know from years of experience representing children injured in auto accidents that child car seats are effective in reducing injuries and the wrongful death of small children. Under the present law children who weigh more than 60 pounds or are age 6 or older don't have to be placed in a booster seat. This new law will protect more than 1million children in our state. California officials say that the new law will increase the chance of surviving an auto accident by 45%. The fine for violating the new law can be more than $475.00 and a one point violation on your driving record. The CHP says that they will begin writing tickets for violations on Jan. 1 st. During the winter season in the Coachella Valley with the increase in auto accidents, helping our children avoid serious car accident injuries should be a New Year's resolution. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year from all of us at Barry Regar A Professional Law Corporation.
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