Value Of Nursing Care For Injured Family Member May Be Recovered

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If a child who was injured in a Palm Springs or Palm Desert automobile accident or motorcycle accident required 24 hour, "practical nursing", care that was provided by the parents of the injured child, can the reasonable value of the nursing services required by the defendant's negligent conduct be recovered from the defendant driver? The answer is yes. The California Court of Appeal in Hanif v. Housing Authority of Yolo County (1988) 200 Cal.App.3rd 635 held that the reasonable value of nursing services required by the defendant's negligent conduct may be recovered from the defendant even though the services were rendered by members of the injured person's family and without an agreement or expectation of payment. The practical effect of this rule of law is that the negligent driver or the insurance company of that driver must pay for the nursing care as part of the settlement or verdict. Contact the Palm Springs Automobile Accident Attorney or the Coachella Valley Motorcycle Accident Attorney at Barry Regar APLC for any questions regarding motor vehicle accident claims.

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