Do You Want To Dial 1-800 For Legal Representation?

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What are the advantages to a Palm Springs auto accident victim to hire a lawyer from a 1-800 phone number? Let us explore the question. As a Palm Springs Auto Accident Attorney I constantly receive phone calls and or emails from accident victims who have become dissatisfied with lawyers that they have hired but never met. The only contact these callers have had with the 1-800 law firms they called has been a visit by an investigator who asked questions and obtained their signature on a contingency fee contract. I know that the attorney/ client relationship is important to establish at the beginning of the litigation process. I want to personally interview and question a prospective new client. I invite new clients to ask me to explain the personal injury litigation process. I have no criticism of Coachella Valley accident victims choosing to be represented by a Los Angeles attorney. The question remains however, if the local client will be able to make a six hour round trip to visit the lawyer. It has been my experience that out of town lawyers don't usually make house calls unless the client is very seriously injured and unable to travel. Most often the Coachella Valley client must be willing to have their attorney/client contact over the telephone or by written correspondence. Of course the client may be willing to settle for communications with a paralegal or case manager. At my personal injury law firm, clients personally meet with me at my office. I don't use paralegals or case managers to perform legal work for my clients. Personal attention has been my motto since 1977.
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