Palm Desert Dog Bite Lawyer Barry Regar On Dog Bite Safety

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Every year more than 4 million people in the United States are bitten by dogs according to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics. As the Palm Desert dog bite lawyer I know that the number of people calling me about dog bites in the Coachella Valley has increased. I suspect that part of the explanation for the increase is the number of stray dogs running loose in Indio, Cathedral City and Desert Hot Springs. I mention those cities because the unemployment rate in those cities is reported to be higher than in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage and Indian Wells. As the economy worsens people are less able to care for their pets and thus the number of stray dogs increases.

At Barry Regar APLC dog bite cases are just part of our full service personal injury law practice. We see more dog bite injuries occurring in the younger population. Neighbor's dogs are often the dogs that bite younger children. The American Academy of Pediatrics has made recommendations to the general public to protect kids from being bitten. They suggest that families planning to buy a dog choose a breed such as Collies and Labrador retrievers which breeds are considered safer for children. Dogs should be socialized by slowly exposing the new puppy to lots of different ages of people and other animals to allow the new puppy to feel comfortable in these new situations. The dogs must be trained and rough house games like wrestling or tug of war should be discouraged. The Academy wants dogs to be neutered which make them less likely to engage in biting behavior. Babies and small children should never be left alone with dogs and the children should be taught not to bother the sleeping dog or when they are eating.

A good rule is the stay calm and avoids eye contact when a dog threatens you. If possible you should remain in place until the dog leaves the immediate area. If you are knocked down by the dog you should cover your face and try to curl up. People who are knocked down by an aggressive dog and suffer injuries often call the Palm Desert dog bite lawyer at our office to make a personal injury claim against the dog owners home owner's insurance policy. If your child is bitten you must clean small wounds with soap and water and immediately seek medical attention. The police or animal control should be contacted to determine if the attacking dog has had all required vaccinations. Call Attorney Barry Regar now for a full and free evaluation of any dog bite injury you or a family member has suffered in the Coachella Valley.

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