Are Overweight Drivers At Greater Risk In Palm Springs Auto Accidents?

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A new study published by the Canadian scientists at the University of Laval found that morbidly obese drivers may have an increased risk of auto accidents because of weight-related health issues. The scientists also concluded that auto designs which are not developed for those of larger frames may subject obese drivers to more serious injuries following a car crash. These automobile designers are not designing the interior of cars for the obese or overweight. Thus cars designed for, "normal weight" drivers or passengers that are involved in accidents result in an increased risk of more severe injury and deaths for the obese and overweight.

The Canadian study concluded that those persons that have a body structure other than the standard utilized in designing cars have interactions in accidents with the car's safety features like the seat belts and the airbags and may not get the protection from those safety devices because of their overweight condition. Palm Springs auto accident victims who are overweight should not be subjected to more serious injuries because as reported in the Canadian study, "many cars are reportedly designed with a 163 pound person considered the norm.

The researchers think that car manufactures should attempt to design automobiles with safety features that are more adjustable so that protection from the aftermath of car crashes are provided for a broader range of vehicle drivers and passengers. Earlier studies found that male drivers with a body mass index of more than 30 were more likely to suffer injuries to the face, upper chest, spine, and head.

In my Palm Springs personal injury practice I have noticed that many of my clients who their doctors describe as overweight seem to take longer to heal from their auto accident injuries. Larger persons involved in vehicle accidents are often positioned closer to the steering wheel and the deployed airbag resulting in serious airbag related injuries. Large people in compact cars would seem to be set up for the more severe injuries according to the Canadian study.

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