Palm Springs Car Crashes And Mind Wandering

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What are the most common factors that cause fatal traffic crashes in and around Palm Springs? In my experience as a personal injury trial lawyer I have found that speeding, weather conditions, alcohol, and texting are by far the real culprits for these deadly statistics. These factors that occur during the year seem to become more influential during the holiday season in the Coachella Valley.

During November and December there is an increase in the number of cars on the roads with many more of these visiting drivers unfamiliar with our streets and highways? Now add to this mix the greater consumption of alcohol and you get a recipe for more Coachella Valley wrongful death claims as we have noted at Barry Regar APLC.

When a new auto accident client consults with our office we start the litigation process with a thorough investigation of what facts most likely caused the accident. There are many serious accidents that are not caused by drunk or speeding drivers who are unfamiliar with our roadways. These accidents are caused by local drivers who are not driving in the rain and often can’t explain why they didn’t see the red traffic signal or the stop sign. A new French study published in the December, 13th issue of the Journal BMJ found that drivers just “zone out” and this loss of concentration accounts for many auto accidents.

“Day dreaming, or mind wandering, accounts for a significant proportion of car crashes” reported researcher Emmanuel Lagarde a researcher at the National Institute of Health and Medical Research at the University of Bordeaux. He concluded that he had no solution to the problem because drivers just cannot stop thinking when driving. He opined that if we can’t control the mind than the task will be to explore technologies that will alert drivers to dangers that they may not be paying attention to as their minds are wandering off to thoughts about money, deadlines, bills, family, and a myriad of other thoughts.

Researcher Lagarde acknowledged that distractions such as using a cell phone or texting are known to be connected with car crashes; but that inattention from distractions like worries and obsessing is not well understood. The French study involved interviewing almost 1,000 adult drivers who were injured in car accidents between April 2010 and August 2011. The interviews occurred in the ER of local hospitals. In 52 percent of the crashes caused by the interviewed drivers it was reported that these drivers found that their minds wandered off just before the crash.

Accidents will continue to occur because of all the factors stated above. We can do our part to protect ourselves and our families during this holiday season. We can limit our alcohol consumption before driving. We can always use our seatbelts and demand that any passenger in our car buckle up. Make certain that any extended family member with small children use properly fastened and positioned child car seats. Drive safe.

If you or a family member is unfortunately involved in traffic collision you can always count on a free immediate consultation at Barry Regar A Professional Law Corporation.

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