File a Coachella Valley Personal Injury Lawsuit and Lose Privacy

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Car accident victims who file personal injury lawsuits against a negligent driver must realize that they open up much of their medical history to the adverse insurance company lawyer. I advise my Coachella Valley auto accident clients who want me to file a personal injury lawsuit for them, in the Indio branch of the Riverside Superior Court, that once I do, the insurance company for the negligent driver defendant can subpoena many of their present and past medical records to discover facts that relate to the injuries that we are claiming were caused by the automobile crash which brought them to Barry Regar APLC.

Our clients often ask why their past medical history is relevant to the current lawsuit. The answer is related to the concept of, "impeachment", which means in lay terms that there could be evidence in old medical records that show that the neck complaints that my client may be claiming were caused by a recent auto accident in Indio, were very similar to neck complaints that the client had a year before the most recent accident, relating to a prior car accident in Palm Springs a year before.

So, if during the deposition of a plaintiff, the injured person, the plaintiff testifies that he or she never had prior neck complaints, the old medical records impeach that testimony, showing that they may not be telling the truth on that issue. When the personal injury lawyer at Barry Regar APLC A Professional Law Corporation interviews new clients, he asks the new potential client to be very careful to reveal all prior injuries and accidents which may have a bearing on the current injuries which caused the Palm Springs, Palm Desert, or Indio auto accident victim to seek our services. Contact an Indio auto accident attorney at this law firm for a free review of your auto accident and any injuries you or a family member suffered as the result of the accident.

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