Barry Regar Secures $350K Settlement for Woman Hurt at Palm Springs Pool

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Barry Regar APLC, led by Attorney Barry Regar, has recently secured a $350,000 settlement for a woman who stepped and fell while exiting a Palm Springs hotel pool. She suffered significant leg- and hip-related injuries that made walking difficult, as well as other injuries. Our team is proud to say we were able to use mediation to reach a positive conclusion for our client without needing to get caught in contentious litigation.

Key Details of the Pool Accident Case

Our client was using the hotel pool after sunset. After exiting the pool, she was walking beside the pool to leave the area. Unexpectedly, she stepped into an uncovered, unlit, and sunken water feature in the middle of the pool deck. As she had no warning that the water feature was there, she had no chance to try to stop the resulting fall.

Her injuries included harm done to her left wrist and hip. She would later need steroid injections to help with the pain and swelling in her hip. For the injury suffered in her wrist, she needed three surgeries. Today, she is still recovering her strength and full range of motion, which became limited due to the fall.

The defendant immediately tried to blame our client for her fall and injuries. They claimed that swimming after 8:00 PM or when it got dark outside was prohibited. We were able to argue through testimony that there were no signs visible that disallowed using the pool after sunset. Furthermore, there were several other guests unassociated with our client who were in the pool as well. If the hotel did mean to keep people out of the pool at that time, then there was clearly a negligent lapse in security and control of the area.

In total, our client experienced $12,000 in lost wages and $34,000 in medical bills for her treatments. After some discussions in mediation with our Palm Springs premises liability attorney, the defendant agreed to a $350,000 settlement to provide for our client’s medical bills, lost wages, and noneconomic damages. The hotel also made changes to the water fixture to prevent further injuries happening for the same reason.

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