We Recovered $250K for a Slip-and-Fall Victim

70-Year-Old Woman Seriously Injured After Slipping on Wet Floor at Local Restaurant

An elderly woman was out celebrating her 70th birthday with friends at a restaurant in Downtown Palm Springs. While waiting for a table, she went to the restroom, where she slipped in a puddle of water and fell to the floor, fracturing her hip and sustaining upper body injuries. As a result, she had to undergo two hip surgeries and extended pain management treatment. Then, her orthopedic surgeon recommended that she undergo an additional surgery to receive a different hip prosthesis.

The medical expenses involved in her post-fall treatments and multiple surgeries cost her approximately $40,000.

Palm Springs Personal Injury Attorney Barry Regar Negotiated a Fair Settlement

After Attorney Barry Regar took the injured woman’s case, he filed an official lawsuit against the restaurant.

The defendant denied liability and claimed there was no water on the floor in the bathroom at the time of the fall. However, several of the injured plaintiff’s friends (who were present at the time of the accident) testified that they saw water on the floor and on the bottom of the woman’s purse after the paramedics came.

One of the restaurant employees testified that she had seen a video recording of several other employees entering the restroom during the 25 minutes before the fall occurred. However, this video footage mysteriously disappeared and, when required to produce it, the restaurant owner only provided the portion of the video that showed the injured plaintiff walking in and being wheeled out by paramedics.

The complexity of this case would have presented a challenge for a Palm Springs jury, given both parties’ adamant insistence on opposite “facts” regarding the presence or lack of water on the bathroom floor at the time of the woman’s fall and whether any female employees entered the bathroom during the 25-minute period preceding the injury. However, Attorney Regar was able to settle this case out of court in favor of the injured woman.

The defendant produced evidence that they had not made necessary repairs to the plumbing equipment under the bathroom sink in the women’s restroom, which could have contributed to the presence of standing water at the time of the plaintiff’s fall. The restaurant owner, their insurance company, and the mediator in this case determined that $250,000 was a fair and reasonable settlement.

We Have Served Injured People in Palm Springs for Over 40 Years

No matter how complex the case at hand, Attorney Barry Regar has the skill and experience necessary to craft a strong case on behalf of his injured clients. He has spent more than 40 years serving people who have been injured through no fault of their own and he has personally recovered over $76 million in damages on their behalf. While he is aggressive and knowledgeable, he is also a highly skilled negotiator, which makes him a terrific asset to clients who need fast results and want to avoid tedious, protracted court battles.

If you have been injured due to someone else’s carelessness, connect with our Palm Springs personal injury attorney today by calling Barry Regar APLC at (760) 440-5643.

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