Palm Desert Automobile Accident Victim Dilemma

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For many accident victims the thought of filing a lawsuit is foreign to their way of thinking. They contact a Palm Desert personal injury because they discover to their surprise that the friendly insurance adjuster that seemed so nice during the first few telephone conversations has finally offered an out of court settlement that is totally inadequate and insulting. Recently I received an Email from and accident victim in Palm Desert who visited my website and thought I could help her. She related that she was a passenger in a car driven by her best friend near the Palm Springs Airport. She said the friend was inattentive and lost control of the car causing an accident and injuries to her and the innocent driver of another car. The lady who contacted me said she didn't want to sue her friend because she didn't want her insurance rates to increase. I told her that was a noble sentiment; but unless she was willing to accept the, "lowball", insurance offer she may just have to file a lawsuit against her friend. Many innocent victims of automobile accidents think that if they want to be compensated for their injuries that they have to file a lawsuit against the negligent driver's insurance company. That is simply not the case. At Barry Regar A Professional Law Corporation If we can't settle the case out of court with the negligent driver's insurance company, we must file the lawsuit against the wrongdoer , in order to force the insurance company to pay the claim. The insurance company pays claims on behalf of their insured's either before the lawsuit or after the lawsuit is filed naming the insured as the defendant. Yes, this lady's negligent friend may have her premiums increase. However, the friend had been paying insurance premiums for years without an auto accident to be financially protected in the event that the friend would cause and accident with injuries. If the injured lady that contacted me chose not to sue her friend then the insurance company gets off the hook without paying a fair settlement after pocketing the premiums for years and the innocent accident victim must endure her pain and suffering without being reasonably compensated. If the friend who was the cause of the accident is a true friend she would want to see her innocent accident victim friend be fully compensated under our legal system.
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