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Accident victims who file lawsuits in personal injury cases are very often required to submit to a medical examination performed by a doctor hired by the negligent party's insurance company. Although the insurance company chooses to call the examinations, "independent examinations", the reality is that the doctor is bought and paid for by the insurance company. Since I have been litigating auto accident and other types of personal injury cases in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley for over 40 years I have to laugh when I see the same doctors time and time again hired by many different insurance companies. The reports written by these, "hired gun", insurance doctors most often contain opinions favoring the insurance company and against the accident victim. I have read countless reports written by biased insurance doctors who attempt to discredit my clients who have legitimate claims and real injuries caused by the negligent acts of another. I advise my clients to make certain that they document their injuries by obtaining the medical care and treatment they need. If necessary we can assist our clients find the medical care that is appropriate for their injuries. It is very important to be able to present treating doctors to a jury who can explain why my client's injuries were caused by the accident in question. I want the jurors to understand that the insurance doctor who is testifying for the negligent party is biased in favor of the defendant because of the repeat business sent to that doctor by insurance companies.
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