Indio Auto Accident And Getting Medical Treatment

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If you get injured in an auto accident that was not your fault and you don't have your own health insurance or medical payments insurance coverage on your automobile you will find it very difficult to get medical treatment after the first emergency room visit. If you are taken to the hospital by ambulance or private transportation the ER room will accept you as a patient even if you don't have insurance as an emergency patient. As a Palm Desert Auto Accident Lawyer I constantly get calls from car accident victims that seem to think that personal injury attorneys have doctors on standby that will immediately treat accident victims even before the complete story about who caused the accident has been determined by the attorney. Some doctors in the Coachella Valley will examine and treat my clients on a lien basis. This means the doctor will wait until I settle the case out of court or win it in court before they expect to be paid. Having said that I must emphasize that we won't refer a client to a doctor unless we determine that our client was not at fault for the accident. In the event that we are not victorious in the case the client doesn't pay us any money for our services or any costs of litigation we advance throughout the legal process. However, the doctor who treated the client on a lien basis still expects the injured client to pay the medical bill. As a Palm Springs Personal Injury Lawyer I am able to connect my clients with doctors who will treat the client/patient on a lien; but The Law Firm of Barry Regar does not pay the client's medical bills. We only advance the costs of litigating the case and the medical bills incurred by the client is the client's responsibility.

So the immediate problem for the innocent car crash victim is getting medical treatment when the driver of the other car or truck lies to their insurance company about who caused the accident and the investigating police agency takes 3 or more weeks to complete the traffic accident report. I can listen to my new client about their version of the accident facts; but without the police report and witness statements I can't be certain as to who caused the car or truck accident. In a recent Palm Desert car accident situation I have been waiting 2 months for the police report. My staff at Barry Regar APLC have been writing and calling the Palm Desert Sheriff's office requesting the police report to no avail. My client tells me the other driver caused the accident and there were witnesses who would confirm her story. The problem is that the other driver has told her Palm Desert insurance adjuster that my client caused the accident. I can't in good faith tell a doctor that he will be paid at the end of the case since I don't have all the facts about the accident at this time. My client doesn't have any health insurance or medical payments coverage on her car. She has gone back to Desert Hospital ER on three occasions. She needed physical therapy and can't get it without money or insurance.

I have several Indio car wreck clients that have to drive to the Riverside County Hospital in Moreno Valley to get medical treatment they can't get in the valley. Sometimes my client need to be treated by medical specialists who are the kind of doctors who don't want to become involved in accident cases and won't treat patients on a lien bases. Thus the only solution at times is going out of the Palm Springs, Indio area to get treated. Unfortunately some personal injury accident victims have a hard time getting the medical care they need on a timely basis because of the reasons stated above. We do however make every effort to try and facilitate treatment options for our clients. If you or a family member have been injured in an automobile or truck accident and need to learn about your legal rights call the attorney at this firm now.

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