Unreasonable Insurance Claim's Adjuster And Attorney Barry Regar

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The simple truth is that auto accident insurance claim adjusters will always take advantage of accident victims who for some misguided reason think that the adjuster is like the cute Gecko with the English accent. These disingenuous employees of the insurance industry are trained to make, "lowball", offers and to try and convince the uninformed suffering accident victims that the offer to settle their case out of court and without the aid of an experienced lawyer such as Barry Regar, the Palm Springs Personal Injury Lawyer, is in fact reasonable.

I recently settled a Palm Desert car crash case for an intelligent gentleman. He had been involved in an auto accident with an insured negligent driver. The at fault driver had a $100,000.00 liability insurance policy. My client's injuries were serious and there was no question as to who was at fault for the accident. The adjuster obtained all my clients medical records, the police report, and the medical billings. He then offered my client less than the insurance policy limits which were available for this claim. The adjuster represented that the offer was fair and reasonable under the circumstances. Fortunately my client wasn't fooled by the phony offer and decided to obtain legal advice. He called Barry Regar APLC and set up a free consultation with the Palm Desert auto accident lawyer who agreed to represent him on a contingency fee basis. A letter was then written to the insurance adjuster demanding the full policy limit to settle the case to be paid within 2 weeks of receipt of the letter. The adjuster wrote back within the two week period offering the full $100,000.00 in settlement of the case. What is so remarkable about the letter was that the adjuster said that, "we are offering $100,000.00 to settle the case which we feel is reasonable." Why wasn't it reasonable to offer my client the full policy limit of the $100,000.00 before he hired my office? Did my involvement in the case change what should have been the reasonable compensation my client was entitled to based on the facts of the accident and his injuries? The answer is simple. The adjuster knew that I would file a lawsuit and take the case to a jury trial if necessary unless he offered up the policy limits. Not all cases get resolved in this manner. Each case is governed by the specific facts of the case. My point is that insurance adjusters will keep doing what they do until accident victims realize that in many cases it is prudent to hire a lawyer.

In this case my client will end up with more money after paying my fee than he would have had by accepting the insurance company's first unreasonable offer. Contact a lawyer at this firm now for all your personal injury claims questions.

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