Beware Of Social Media Postings

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Automobile accident victims who have pending insurance claims against the negligent driver's insurance company should be very careful about what they post on Social Media sites. Let us assume that one of my Palm Springs personal injury clients has been involved in a serious car crash and has suffered personal injuries. Now consider that my client has testified in a deposition that he or she has been unable to engage in any recreational activities since the accident. In fact they have repeatedly told me that they were mostly confined to their house. What they didn't tell me was that they took a trip to Mexico and decided to go hand gliding and bungee jumping. To make matters worse they had photos of their vacation exploits posted on their Face book page. The insurance investigators found the posting on Facebook and now the client has been impeached about the extent of their injuries. Clients should always be honest with their lawyers. We can't properly represent persons who have been dishonest about the facts of their case. But even innocent photos and postings on Social Media sites can be misinterpreted to the accident victim's detriment. Some courts in California and other jurisdictions have upheld the rights of insurance companies to subpoena records of Social Media sites for certain purposes involved in litigation. I think that most of the insurance company lawyers who try and get Social Media information about accident victims are merely going on a fishing expedition to try and find dirt on a litigant. Having said that as a Palm Springs personal injury Lawyer I don't want my car, truck, or automobile accident clients to post anything about their Coachella Valley Car Accident cases on Social Media sites. Call the attorney at the Barry Regar APLC now for any questions about motor vehicle accident claims and the law that applies to such claims.
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