You Can't Win With Insurance Adjusters

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Insurance adjusters always blame the personal injury accident victim for something. Why do they do that? Because it is the basis of their business model. The insurance company's game plan has always been and still is to try and convince the injured person that they don't have a good case. Unfortunately victims of negligent drivers who cause automobile accidents in the Coachella Valley who try and negotiate their personal injury claims directly with the insurance adjuster will soon discover that the adjuster's tactics of delay and deceive will confuse and frustrate them. The adjuster will argue that the personal injury victim is having unnecessary medical or chiropractic care. The adjuster will accuse the injured person of trying to build up the medical bills in order to get a larger settlement. Of course if the injured person doesn't have the money or insurance coverage to visit doctors and therapists as often as is needed, the adjuster will hold that against the injured person by arguing that the lack of frequent medical care is evidence of little or no real injury? The poor victim can't win in the litigation game if they choose to play against the insurance companies without an experienced personal injury lawyer on their team. As the Palm Springs Personal Injury Lawyer I take an aggressive stance with insurance company adjusters and their lawyers. At the firm of Barry Regar A Professional Law Corporation we know what evidence we must preserve and gather to convince the insurance company of the merits of our automobile accident client's cases. Adjusters take notice of consistent and timely medical treatment and evaluations. They want to see real documentation of income loss. And finally they must be convinced that their insured was at fault for the accident. We highly recommend that any Palm Springs, Palm Desert, or Indio motor vehicle accident victim who had been injured in an automobile accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident contact a personal injury lawyer at this firm to find out how to protect themselves from unscrupulous insurance adjusters.
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