The Black Box In Your Car And Auto Accident Lawsuits

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Data obtained from the microprocessor in your cars, "black box", can help to win or lose a personal injury auto accident case that resulted from a car crash here in the Coachella Valley. Event data recorders, (EDRs) installed in your car's safety systems can record the details of the accident itself so that it can be determined exactly what happened before the car crash and during the accident scenario. The EDR data recorded can include the vehicle and engine speeds, throttle position, velocity changes, seat belt and airbag events, and the time that passed from the actual crash to the airbag inflation. The recorded information can assist lawyers handling personal injury cases arising out of auto accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents. As a Coachella Valley Personal Injury Lawyer I have used the EDR data in investigating an Indio Truck accident causing a wrongful death to reject the case because the vehicle data information established that the accident was not caused by the truck driver and was instead caused by the deceased driver. I am often contacted by injured potential clients who during the free consultation describe the events of an auto accident that upon our investigation reveal that the potential client was the at fault driver. Naturally we won't accept those cases since Barry Regar APLC only represents accident victims who were injured because another driver was primarily at fault for the accident. There are certain kinds of car accidents where our clients were partially at fault for the accident. We can help these people and represent them. However the potential money value of their cases will be decreased by their share of negligence in causing the accident. The EDR data can help prove that an airbag or seatbelt didn't function properly during an accident which can result in a potential defective products lawsuit against the car manufacturer and their suppliers. Knowing that the, "black box", is available for inspection, it is very important in serious injury cases caused by vehicle accidents where the question of who was at fault is in question to preserve the evidence in the EDR by storing the accident vehicles if at all possible. This fact is another reason for Palm Springs auto accidents victims who have been seriously injured to contact the Coachella Valley Auto Accident Lawyer at this firm for a free consultation.
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