Indio Car Accidents Increase And Insurance Protection

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The CHP opened all the eastbound lanes of I-10 today, Monday after a lane closure caused by an Indio auto accident. The lanes had been closed because of an auto accident east of Indio. The accident involved several vehicles which included a big rig. During this same time period the CHP was working on another Indio I-10 single car accident. As an Indio Auto Accident Lawyer I am constantly asked by casual acquaintances how they can protect themselves from becoming an Indio personal injury accident victim as the roads seem more dangerous with this increase in truck accidents and auto accidents. My advice is no different than that given by the CHP. One should buckle up and stay off the cell phones when driving the highways and roadways in the Coachella Valley. Another form of protection is the purchase of uninsured motorist's insurance limits that are at least as high as their liability limits. Since I represent many Indio car accident clients that have been involved in car crashes with drivers who had no liability insurance or very low insurance limits, I can state how devastating it is to be seriously injured by a negligent driver that didn't have adequate insurance coverage nor any coverage. Because of the high unemployment in the Coachella Valley and especially the East end of the valley in Indio, Coachella, and Thermal, people find it hard to afford car insurance when the price of gas has gone crazy and rent and utility bills seem to be more important than insurance premiums. So as drivers, although we can't cure the economic problems of Indio and the Coachella Valley, we can at least if possible protect ourselves with adequate uninsured motorists insurance. And of course it is a violation of the California Vehicle Code to drive without automobile liability insurance. Contact the Indio Auto Accident Lawyer at the firm of Barry Regar A Professional Law Corporation for any questions about Indio car crashes or uninsured insurance claims.
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