Indio Defective Product Lawyer's Opinion About Recalls

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As a personal injury lawyer in the Coachella Valley who handles defective products lawsuits I have recently been asked if the manufacturer of a product that voluntarily recalls the product can still be liable for injuries caused by the recalled product before and after the recall. The answer is yes. The recall may prevent future harm from the defective product's use; but any injury caused by the product still in possession of a consumer who didn't learn of the recall subjects the manufacturer to possible liability if it can be proven that an injury was caused by the anticipated use of the product. Not all consumers learn of recalls despite the dissemination of the news of the recall by media and notices by manufacturers and retailers. The recall campaign may protect the manufacturer from lawsuits seeking punitive damages against the company after the recall which can be evidence that after a certain date the manufacturer was not acting with a willful disregard of the safety of consumers by continuing to sell a knowingly defective and dangerous product. As the Indio personal injury lawyer I pay close attention to recall campaigns to learn of any recalled products that may have been responsible for injuries to persons seeking my defective products legal knowledge and experience. Westinghouse Lighting has just recalled ceiling fans due to possible shock and fire hazards. 7000 ceiling fans have been recalled because the two 60 watt light bulbs packaged with the fans apparently exceed the fan's maximum wattage which may result in the fans overheating or failing. These events could pose a fire and shock hazard to consumers. Readers of this blog should check the serial number of any Westinghouse ceiling fan they have against the recall information found on the Westinghouse website. If you or a loved one has been involved in an injury from a suspected defective product or you have a personal injury question that has not been answered call, Cochella Valley defective product attorney Barry Regar now for a free consultation.
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