Indio Auto Accident Question

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A gentleman who was involved in an Indio auto accident recently called me because he heard that I was an Indio auto accident lawyer and wanted to know if he really needed a lawyer to handle his personal injury claim. I have had many such inquiries over the years since I have been handling Coachella Valley personal injury claims for more than 40 years. I always give the same answer. Of course any accident victim can choose to deal with an insurance adjuster without the aid of an experienced car crash lawyer representing said victim. The real problem is that the victim of another driver's negligent driving and resulting injuries is really not equipped to deal with experienced insurance adjusters who earn their income taking advantage of unrepresented accident victims when it comes to settling their claims. Some of these callers seem to have the opinion that auto accident insurance claims are valued by adjusters using a multiplier of 3 times the medical bills for the pain and suffering part of the personal injury claim. I have blogged repeatedly in answers to similar questions from people involved in Palm Springs and Palm Desert auto accidents that a jury verdict or out of court settlement for pain and suffering is based on many factors other than the amount of the medical billings for the post accident medical treatment. A prime example of this proposition is that a person can lose an eye in a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent truck driver and have medical bills of less than $10,000.00 for the emergency room visit and follow up medical care. I would never settle the pain and suffering part of the accident claim for $30,000.00. The value of that part of the case is potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the age and occupation of the injured person. Insurance adjusters will never offer the accident victim without legal representation the full value of their personal injury case. There is absolutely no incentive for the adjuster to do that. Adjusters are rewarded for paying off accident claims as cheaply as possible. If you or a family member has been injured anywhere in the Coachella Valley in any kind of accident caused by the fault of another person or business entity you should call the Indio and Palm Desert personal injury lawyer at the Barry Regar Law Firm for a free consultation.
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