Female Auto Accident Victims Need A Female Dummy Crash Tested

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In a Coachella Valley car crash in which the right front seat female passenger was more seriously injured than the vehicle's crash testing score would have predicted was probably a result of the use of male size crash dummies in auto manufacturers crash testing. Prior to 2011 the federal government allowed auto manufacturers and airbag manufacturers to use an average size male dummy for their crash tests. Starting with the 2011 model vehicles the Fed forced the manufacturers to replace the average size male dummy with a smaller female dummy for some of the crash testing. Consumer advocates say that the female dummy's subpar performance in some vehicles shows a need to better study women and smaller people in auto accidents. In general, some experts say that the smaller the person, the fewer crash forces the body can tolerate. Women's less muscular necks also make them more susceptible to whiplash type injuries. Prior to 2011 only male sized dummies were used during the 30 years of government testing focused at helping the public choose which vehicle to purchase based on the crash test star rating. In other words a car with a 5 star front end crash rating may be safe for males and not necessarily for females and children. The female Palm Springs auto accident victim who recently contacted me about her serious injuries caused by a front end collision in which she was a right front seat passenger using her seat belt and with airbag deployment can possibly be explained by the dummy testing done by the auto industry prior to 2011. After investigating the facts of this Palm Springs car crash, we may decide to file a lawsuit for this lady based on the other driver's negligence and the car manufacturer's liability for selling a defective product. Contact the Palm Springs auto accident lawyer at the Barry Regar Law Firm now for any questions about a personal injury claim. The consultation is free.
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