Minor Auto Accidents Are Not Always Minor Admits State Farm

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The hypocrisy of State Farm posting an article on their website on 2/12/12 entitled, "The Do's And Don'ts of A Minor Car Accident" is beyond belief. State Farm and other insurance companies school their adjusters in the techniques of convincing Coachella Valley auto accident victims who have been involved in so-called, "minor", motor vehicle collisions through no fault of their own that they cannot really be injured as a result of a low speed car crash. This insidious insurance adjuster practice is followed day after day in the Coachella Valley. Whether you have been injured in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, or Indio you can count on the negligent driver's insurance adjuster telling you that you will just have to accept their low-ball offer to settle your personal injury claim because the damage to your car is just too minor to cause any real lasting injury. Their assertions are just patently false. Low speed auto or truck accidents can cause lasting neck and back injuries. The Whiplash mechanism of injury results in the driver or passenger having their heads move violently forward and backward in a rear-end type car crash if you are in the car that was rear ended. This head movement can cause tearing and stretching of the soft tissues such as the ligaments and muscles of the cervical spine. These accidents can cause injury to the discs located between the vertebrae. Yet despite the above stated insurance industry deceptive claims practices State Farm has the gall to post the following article. The article starts as follows, "The fender bender you were just in appears to be minor. No one looks injured and there is minor damage to the vehicles…..Don't assume there aren't injuries….Even low-impact car crashes can cause injuries, some not appearing until days after the accident".. I can assure you the reader that you will never hear a State Farm or Allsnake adjuster tell you what was posted on their website supposedly by a State Farm employee.

If you or a family member have been injured in a Coachella Valley vehicle accident and are currently not represented by an experienced personal injury lawyer you should contact the Palm Springs auto accident lawyer at the Barry Regar Law Firm for a free consultation.

You will learn your legal rights and be able to decide for yourself if you want to buy the deceptive information being handed out by insurance adjusters. Drive safe and stay off the cell.

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