Jury Trials

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Are jurors who sit in personal injury cases that are tried in the Coachella Valley more or less generous than in larger metropolitan areas? Many years ago when I first started representing accident victims who had been injured in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Indio, etc., I found the local juries to be more conservative than in Los Angeles or San Francisco. I suspected that a large number of retired people who made up the jury panel was probably the reason for the conservative leanings of the jury panel. Having said that, I can also say that when I represented a seriously injured accident victim who the jury believed, to be honest and deserving of a large verdict, that jury usually didn't hesitate to render a substantial verdict. The demographics of the Coachella Valley have changed. Palm Springs is no longer the retirement community it once was. Palm Desert has a thriving middle-class population despite the present economic downturn. I find our jurors to be intelligent and reasonable in their deliberations and verdicts. In my opinion accident, victims in the Coachella Valley should not be worried about having Personal Injury lawsuits tried in an Indio courtroom. Our jurors are just as reasonable as Los Angeles jurors when it comes to compensating accident victims that have been injured through the fault of another. If you have been injured in this type of accident, contact the attorneys at our firm today!
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