Injured While Working For An Uninsured Employer

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Coachella Valley Worker's Compensation

What if you suffered a personal injury on the job in the Coachella Valley and your employer didn't have Workers Compensation Insurance? Suppose you need medical attention because of your injuries; but you are unable to work and have no money for the doctor bills, prescription charges, and therapy charges. An injured worker has two potential legal actions that can be filed against the willfully uninsured employer which are not mutually exclusive. A worker who is injured on the job can sue his or her employer in Superior Court for all damages suffered and that will be suffered in the future resulting from the injury on the job if the uninsured employer was negligent in causing the injury. Because the employer was uninsured the employer cannot use the defense of comparative negligence against the injured worker. The injured employee is also given the benefit of a presumption that the employer was negligent. In addition to filing a civil lawsuit against the uninsured employer, the injured employee can also file a Workers Compensation Claim against the employer. There are severe penalties that may be assessed against the employer. Because of the poor economy in Palm Springs and Palm Desert, there is a significant number of employers involved in construction accidents that are uninsured. It is very important for employees to learn in advance of any on the job injury whether or not the employer is covered by workers compensation insurance.

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