Seat Belts Can Fail

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Seat belts are designed to protect people in automobile accidents and truck accidents; but they may not always function as intended by the manufacturer. A seat belt that fails to properly function in an accident can result in the injured accident victim contacting the Palm Springs defective products Lawyer at this firm to file a lawsuit against a car manufacturer and seat belt manufacturer for personal injuries caused by a defective seat belt. These cases are difficult because they go against the juror's common perception that car crash litigation is always about who or what caused the accident. As a Coachella Valley personal injury lawyer litigating a defective seat belt case I would have to direct the juror's focus on who or what caused the injuries and whether those injuries should have been prevented by a proper functioning seat belt. If a driver or passenger in a car is rear-ended by a high speed vehicle and is thrown through the front windshield because their seat belt failed, the accident victim can sue the driver of the car who rear-ended their vehicle and the car and seatbelt manufacturer of their car in the same lawsuit. In such a case the jury will be instructed that they must apportion the cause of the accident victim's injuries between the negligent driver causing the accident and the manufactures that are responsible for the seat belt failure. The negligent driver is able to lay off some of the blame for the Plaintiff's injuries on the car and or the seat belt manufacturer if they can prove that the Plaintiff, the injured victim, would have only suffered a soft tissue neck injury if the seat belt had not failed causing the accident victim to be propelled through the front windshield and suffering a more serious injury. Contact the Palm Springs and Palm Desert auto accident lawyer at this firm for a free consultation relating to any bodily injury claim.
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